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In this post I thought I’d share, not a picture of a building that makes me happy, nor the story of the time that I got on the wrong bus and ended up talking to a man who was convinced that every decision of the UK parliament had to be OK’d by the Archbishop of Canterbury (actually who knows, maybe technically it does) –  instead I thought I’d do a whirlwind tour of some of the exciting vegan foodstuffs I’ve been enjoying…

First up, this distressingly packaged cake :

And no, it’s not the plastic that’s the problem  (though come on, Whole Foods…)

The first few times I scanned the cabinet, I ignored the cake with the big picture of the cow on it, on the basis that that usually implies a cow’s involvement. It’s not even like this cow and this hen look particularly happy at not having been exploited: they even seem a little bit upset at the disapproving ‘no milk’, ‘no eggs’ signs.

This tastes OK, and the stuff they call ‘creme’ is basically a dollop of pure ‘butter’ icing in the middle, which is a nice surprise up until it makes your teeth hurt. But honestly – ‘moo cluck’ ?  A team of UK Apprentice candidates could come up with something better…

Secondly, this delightful creation:

I think I’ve seen this in UK healthfood shops, but I’ve never seen the range of different types they have here. Anyway, I bought this because I think it’s the closest I’ll get to an ice cream sandwich and I wanted to add Arrested Development to the list of classic US television shows I pay homage to whilst I’m here.  Note how the abstract cartoon on the front of the packet really does look exactly like the ‘food’ item itself. Again, this doesn’t taste bad, but it certainly doesn’t taste anything like ice cream.

Now for something that’s actually worth trying:

Yes – there’s a whole vegan cookie company based in Boston!  Very exciting. I wonder if they do tours of their factory…


Written by notesfromboston

November 8, 2010 at 12:13 am

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